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With over 25 years of industry engagement, Fractal Solutions is dedicated to providing the software tools and services that maintenance and engineering professionals need to effectively manage and improve their company’s equipment reliability.
Acknowledged industry experts, Fractal Solutions delivers total solutions for organizations that require continuous reliability improvement and life cycle management for their physical assets.
Our software PREMO XPERTS® productivity features enable more work to be completed in less time without compromising safety or quality.  The enhanced user interface makes it much easier to learn, allowing the professionals to concentrate their time on creating sound maintenance strategies.  Integration features link related information between our tools and work management systems, enabling users to manage two systems simultaneously while conducting their reliability programs.

Responding to our client’s growing needs, we have evolved into a full service equipment reliability company.  Our training workshops and program startups are conducted by Certified Facilitators and Industry Experts who provide specific guidance for your particular startup program, methodology execution and software usage.  Fractal Solutions is a worldwide provider of Equipment Reliability products and services.

We are extremely committed to our customers...developing a customer support program that provides you with the dependability you deserve.  The same Certified Facilitators that teach courses and perform installations, also comprise the technical support team.  We are available 24 hours a day to answer all questions!
Fractal Solutions transfers reliability knowledge directly to organizations that are seeking to reduce the cost of equipment ownership...while improving reliability and uptime.  Our service areas include all asset-intensive industries including power generation, mining, government, refining, and pharmaceuticals.

Larry Johnson - president of Fractal Solutions 


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Reduce your operation costs, decrease your downtime and increase asset efficiency

Fractal Solutions is an asset management and reliability consulting company. We specialize in program startup, facilitation, staffing, and training. We’re committed to working closely with our clients every step of the way, delivering quality solutions and superior service.

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