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premo pas features & benefits

PREMO PAS is a survelliance and PM scheduling system which has a mutiple features to aid in your company's Asset Management, see some of the highlights below:

Not Just for Outage Scheduling

With PREMO PAS, it is easy to organize your preventive maintenance program into the operating and shutdown modes where they are performed. PREMO PAS enables you to plan for your full operating cycle to ensure your schedule matches reality as closely as possible. 

Automate your Schedule

Set the start date for a recurring task and let PREMO PAS do the rest. Your task will automatically reschedule following the rules you set. Group related tasks, specify overlap conditions, select a mode, or choose a preferred weekday. These are just a handful of ways you can use PREMO PAS to schedule.

Enhanced Performance

PREMO PAS combines high speed relational database power with intelligent scheduling capabilities to quickly give you the information you need to make strategic maintenance decisions.

Find it Fast

PREMO PAS has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to find your answers. Search screens, cross references, drill-downs and advanced search features help you bring together the information you need.

Quick Schedule Updates

No more spending countless hours calculating due dates by hand just because an outage is extended or pushed back. Modify any mode start or end data and leave the rest to PREMO PAS. Your entire program is automatically reviewed and adjusted as needed to reflect your new schedule.

Track Task Performance

Capture performance information from scheduled and unscheduled tasks.  Use feedback from the field to help you find opportunities to improve your program.  Trend ‘as-found’ conditions to flag degraded performance and to identify overly conservative or ineffective tasks.

Keep Tabs On Your Commitments

Keep track of insurance, safety, warranty, and other mandates dictating task performance.  With PREMO PAS’ Commitment module you can create links between the requirement and the task being performed.

Control Program Changes

Submit, review, and approve changes to your program before adjusting the schedule.  PREMO PAS offers a two-level approval process with an easy to use request form.  

Eliminate Paperwork

Users can make their requests directly online.  All requests are archived for later review.

Reduce your operation costs, decrease your downtime and increase asset efficiency

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